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Pure Radiance Anti-Aging Skin Care Competitor Comparison:  

We can compare our product size, ingredients and concentrations all day, but the results are always the same.

Take a look at the examples below...

Day/Night Cream Competitor vs. Pure Radiance: their 1.7oz/50ml vs our standard 2oz/60ml (10ml larger, less $)

Mineral MakeUp Competitor vs Pure Radiance: their foundation 3-6g $18-$29+ tax vs. our 8g-$18 no tax (ours larger, less $), their blush 2-3g vs our 7g (ours larger, less $), their bronzer 2-4g vs our 7g (larger, less $)

-All of our day and night creams come in 2oz/60ml sizes rather than the standard 1.7oz/50ml

Let's look closer at two product examples...

Skin Lightener Competitor: La Roche-Posay's Mela-D Pigment Control Concentrated Dark Spot Correcting Serum-Kojic Acid for lightening & Thermal Dermobiotic Extract (calms the skin) 1oz/30ml $52.99+tax

Pure Radiance: Skin Bright Lightening Cream-Kojic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin, Licorice Root Extract, Lemon Juice & Essential Oil, Vitamin.C & Vitamin E (ALL for skin lightening) and Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Hydrosol, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil Glycerin, Vitamin E (calms skin & moisturizes) 50ml $38 tax free.

Result: larger size, lower price; higher concentration of skin lightening ingredients, increased amount of skin lightening ingredients, increased amount of skin soothing and skin moisture ingredients included, more concentrated; more effective; provides visible skin tightening, removes lines, wrinkles, crows feet, forehead lines, skin sag; provides long term and lasting results as early as 3-4 weeks. Results continue to improve with treatment beyond 4 weeks.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum Competitors: -1oz/30ml peptide serum- Argireline at 8% concentration $77.00 
-Elite serum 0.47 oz /less than 1/2oz $85.00
-Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum 0.5oz/1/2 oz $72.00

-Freeze 24/7 15ml/1/2oz) $74.00 
-Glotherapeutics Serum 1oz/30ml $125.00
-Clinicians complex serum 1.2 oz $77.

Pure Radiance Hyaluronic Acid Miracle Multiple Peptide Serum- Argireline 15%, Matrixyl 20%, Syn Tacks 5%, Syn Coll 10%, 100% Hyaluronic Acid base. 1 oz is only $40.

Result: larger size, lower price; higher concentration of anti aging/anti wrinkle peptides, increased number of anti aging/anti wrinkle peptides included, additional antioxidants, skin moisture emollients included, more concentrated; more effective; provides visible skin tightening, removes lines, wrinkles, crows feet, forehead lines, skin sag; provides long term and lasting results as early as 2-3 weeks. Results continue to improve with treatment beyond 3 weeks.

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

 Be sure to read the comparisons between Pure Radiance anti aging skincare and other national brands on our About Us Page.

Skin Facts: 
The process of aging can be treated, rebuilt and prevented; and the signs of aging drastically improved when anti aging skin care is made part of your skin care routine. 

This includes both men and women with Intrinsic and/or Extrinsic aging.

Intrinsic aging, is known as the natural aging process, and begins in our mid 20’s. Collagen production slows, and elastin has less of a spring. Skin cells do not shed or turnover as quickly and new cells may decrease.

Extrinsic aging (external factors) prematurely age our skin (sun exposure, sleep position, vision squinting, facial expression, gravity, alcohol/caffeine and smoking). Mineral make up is for everyone, even those that do not wear "foundation". It is light; provides a flawless look; minimizes the appearance of lines & wrinkles; will not clog pores and most importantly-provides the essential ingredients required to protect your skin from sun damage and the visible signs of aging. 

View testimonials 

Nature is full of amazing power, come experience our quality, affordable and effective skin care.

We believe in honesty, and feel that advanced and effective skin care should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone at reasonable prices; without compromising quality. We are proud to accomplish this by beating our competitors in various areas listed below.

Pure Radiance is proud to offer our fully natural, organic anti-aging skin care products and cosmetics. We are a family owned and operated and bring and apply these values to everything we do. We stand behind our products and are committed to those who support us and our products. As stated, Natural skin care products and peptides are our passion, and supplying you with quality anti-aging skin care products that provide our customers with visible results; is one of our goals. We are proud of our exceptional customer service and our anti aging skin care product line. We feel that we go above and beyond, to provide you with what we feel you expect from us. 

Pure Radiance is also unique in that all of our formulations are our own. Meaning we do not participate in private labeling where a company purchases another companies skin care and repackages it as their own.  We offer our customers freedom of purchasing power, meaning we do not participate in automatic product renewal, auto billing or subscriptions, We only send you what you yourself have ordered, when you order it. All of our products are made with love in Canada and delivered right to your door.  

We provide news updates to keep our customers informed and up to date on any product changes or additions to our product line. We also offer occasional promotions, beauty tips, contests, promotions- all announced through our blog.  Pure Radiance also actively participates in efforts to protect the environment and support charities around the globe. We encourage others to pay it forward as well.

We offer a variety of anti-aging facial cleansers, antioxidant toners, hand and body moisturizer, specialty treatments, Clay Facials; Lip care and our Collagen Mineral Make Up. We only use organic ingredients that you can pronounce and use no waste packaging, so you can love your skin with our products until the last drop. Our products are offered on-line and now in various salons, spas.

Customer service hours: See contact us page for detailed information. Our direct email for contact is info@pureradiance.ca * See FAQ page for holiday shipping schedule.

Why shop direct? On-line Shopping has never been easier or safer through our secured shop. See FAQ Page for our information on how we protect your privacy.  Purchase from our Shop Page, and receive the benefits of our automatic tax free shopping discount of 13% as well as our Loyalty Rewards Program which offers discounts/savings of 5-20% off each order. Read below to fully understand how program

Loyalty Rewards Program:Pure Radiance values and rewards customers by offering discounts through our Loyalty Rewards Program. Loyalty Rewards is a program developed by Pure Radiance and offers discounts to repeat/returning customers who place their orders while logged into their Pure Radiance Shop Account.

The program works by recognizing/confirming account login, purchases and activity; and generates randomized discounts. Discounts are sent to each customer via email and contains a unique discount code/link. Discounts range between 5-20% off each order!  If you would like to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program in the future, simply create a Shop Account here:  https://www.shop.pureradiance.ca/register.sc

When you are ready to place your next order, ensure that you are logged into your Pure Radiance Shop Account. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a rewards email containing instructions on how to apply your discount and how to continue receiving rewards in the future. 

***-Participation is voluntary. If a customer does not create a Pure Radiance Shop Account; makes a purchase as a guest or makes a purchase/applies discount without being logged in, the rewards program will not recognize the purchase and no reward email will be generated for that purchase. To rectify this, simply create or login to your account and place your order.
-Account information must be valid in order for rewards account to be activated.
-If misuse is detected, Pure Radiance has the right to terminate Rewards Accounts.


-Note that as with all secure connections (shop accounts, Paypal etc.) if additional time is being taken to complete the transaction (whether it be for reading, browsing, product selection, you walked away from your computer for a while etc.) there is the possibility of a session time-out. Time outs occur as a safety measure to protect your private and/or financial information. It removes the information from the computer screen so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
To ensure that your transaction is recognized by the rewards program, use best practice by double checking that you are still logged in prior to beginning the checkout process. If you have been logged out, simply log back in and complete the process.

-It is the customers responsible for ensuring account login and applying the appropriate coupon/code/link at the time of purchase.
-You may wish to save this email or write your discount code down. 

***-Pure Radiance does not look up lost/misplaced emails/codes or adjust invoices/apply refunds manually. Emails with such requests will not be responded to.
-One discount/coupon/link per purchase permitted unless otherwise specified/promoted or approved by custom invoice by customer service.
-Reward emails are sent within 2 weeks after your purchase.

Enrolement is automatic into the program for returning customers. Participation is voluntary however those that wish to receive loyalty rewards discounts must create a Shop account at our Shop Page with valid information including email address. Customers must be logged in while placing their order/making a purchase/applying discount codes/links

Important Notes-Loyalty Rewards Discounts are for customers who are returning to Pure Radiance to place another order. This means that first orders do not count as a "returning customer". Customers may only apply one coupon code/ discount per purchase. If you did not log in, no loyalty reward will be issued for that purchase.  Customers must then place two new orders to be re recognized as a returning/loyal customer and then will be issued a loyalty rewards discount. 

Don't miss out! Coupons must be applied at time of purchase in order for discounts to be applied. Unfortunately, invoices cannot be later adjusted via our contact centre if you accidentally forgot to apply your discount or have lost your discount code. If you were logged in but lost your discount code or accidentally forgot to apply it, we are sorry but you lost out on your discount. Pure Radiance is busy processing orders and doing many other tasks and we will not look up your code and or apply a refund for the discounted amount. Discounts may only be claimed in the way they were intended- towards your next purchase. You may have missed out on the discount, but all is not lost as you may login to place your next purchase and be issued a new one which you may apply towards your next order. If you have the code but forgot to login, we are sorry but you will now not be recognized as a returning loyal customer and will need to place two new orders in order to be re recognized.

Sample only purchases do not qualify as a first purchase. Products must be regular sizes to qualify for discount.If you accidentally forget to apply your discount, Pure Radiance will not look up your code and apply a refund for the discounted amount. Pure Radiance staff is busy and we cannot take the time to look up forgotten rewards codes/links. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that you are logged into your account. You can do so by viewing your account details page.

Large/bulk/wholesale anti aging skin care and cosmetics: See our contact page for further information.

Referrals:  If you have referred a customer to our website and they place a purchase, please encourage them to note the name of the person that referred them to our site on the comment section of the invoice prior to payment. If they mention your name, Pure Radiance will look up your account and if you are still an active customer, you will be entered into a monthly draw for a chance to win $5 off your next order.

Local Customers, Drop off and Delivery: Hagersville locals are not charged full shipping costs. See FAQ/Shipping for full shipping information.

Anti Aging Skin Care Testimonials & Feedback:We value our customers and our goal is to support your skin care needs. See our testimonials page as well as our skin care shop. You may submit your feedback through either of those methods or send us an email and we will post it for you.

​We thank our customers/suppliers for your commitment and social networking, and look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you. Click to view full terms of service and/or privacy policy. For further questions, see FAQ page. See Blog for news updates.

Love your skin, and choose Pure Radiance, for an honest, family owned and operated company with all natural skin care that provide long lasting, rapid and visible results.

Important note: Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Canada provides natural, organic and vegan anti aging skin care products and cosmetics.  We are not to be confused with Pure Radiance or NuVie Skin Care products made by Pure Radiance. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact page.​​

Point of interest:

Pure Radiance is able to offer lower prices, larger sizes and increased concentration and amount of ingredients due to lower overhead costs.  As a family owned and operated business, we are proud to place our focus on customer service and our effective skin care.  View testimonials, learn more about us and discover the difference with our effective, quality and affordable skin care. Nature is full of amazing power, come experience it for yourself. View our Products Page or go to our Shop for full product details, instructions, ingredients and to place your purchase.


Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Our passion and specialization is Advanced Organic Natural Anti-Aging Skin Car​e products.

Our mission is to provide the most effective and and reasonably prices skin care to

women and men of all ages and skin types.

Why Choose Us

Pure Radiance organic skincare products are 100 percent natural, hypo allergenic, non irritating, non sensitizing; contain only active ingredients; have NO Water (which is an inactive ingredient), Alcohol (which is drying and can be irritating to the skin), Fillers, Paraben, Sulfate, Estrogen, Phthalate, Gluten, Bismuth, Talc, Mineral Oil, Dyes, Silicone, Artificial Fragrance or Synthetic Preservatives! Our products are infused with natures most powerful blend of quality active organic extracts, natural botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils, hydrosols and anti aging peptides. 

We beat our competitors in several areas including:

  • larger product sizes/ amounts (see our in depth comparison to national brands below)

  • prices that are 40-60% lower than our competitors

  • products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients

  • products are tax free offering an automatic 13% savings before any additional discounts

  • offer detailed organic, peptide, ingredient information (how they work) and their benefits- see Organic and Peptide Pages

  • we keep our customers informed and offer occasional promotions, discounts and contests announced on our Blog

  • pride ourselves on customer service by responding to all customer inquiries, emails and communications within 2-3 days, unlike larger companies that receive your email but fail to return a response

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care’s features:

  • Achieve tightening, smoothing, firming and lifting

  • stimulate and increase quantity and quality of collagen types I, III, IV and XVII

  • ​reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles; crows feet by increasing skin elasticity

  • decrease, treat and prevent dark circles, puffiness, broken blood cells and redness

  • strengthen tissue cells, fortify collagen fibrils, and visibly remodel the skin

  • improve and rejuvenate over-all skin tone and complexion​

Our staff are professionally trained and customer service, product quality and visible results are our utmost priority. If you contact us, you will experience our level of professionalism, and we are always pleased to suggest an appropriate skin care regime for you. Custom hand crafted products are available at request at a moderate price increase. Increase in cost is dependant on the ingredients and peptides chosen as well as percentages requested. Note that we will only increase peptide percentages to the maximum level that they can be safely and applied to the skin.  Requests for excessively high percentages will not be considered.

We spend significant amounts of time researching and developing our product line and are continually placing forth effort to provide you with the strongest, most effective and reasonably priced anti aging skin care products. We know what ingredients work, and are proud to offer those ingredients in our luxurious skin care line which will provide you with the results that you have been longing for. Whether you are looking for a solution to dry skin; premature aging; lines and wrinkles; discolouration or sensitive skin; Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics will provide you with the quality; effective anti aging products to suit your needs.

​​We do not spend excessive amount of money on ink, paper or overhead. Instead we place our focus on our ingredients and the power of regenerating and transforming the skin. Through this, we are capable and able to meet each individuals needs; without hurting our customers pocket books.