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The security of your personal information is a high priority for us. We maintain appropriate safeguards and current security standards to protect your personal information, whether recorded on paper or captured electronically, against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse. For example, electronic records are stored in secure, limited-access servers; we employ technological tools like firewalls and passwords; and we ensure our employees are trained on the importance of maintaining the security and confidentiality of personal information.


​​Canada & U.S: $14-$16 CA Tracked packet, 4-10 business days                        * For 2-5 Day FedEx Shipping, Contact Us

U.S: $16-18 CA Tracked packet, 6-10 business days                                             * For 2-5 Day FedEx Shipping, Contact Us
​​Europe: $18-$20 CA Tracked packet, 6-12 business days

*Note: All packages are shipped to PayPal invoice address only.

Post Offices consider Mon-Fri as "business days" and do not include holidays. Overestimates of more than $1 are refunded. If shipping cost is more than amount charged, Pure Radiance will pay the extra cost for our customers.

OUR PACKAGING: Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care ensures that all products are packaged securely and thoroughly inspected for shipping. All products are vacuum sealed and our packaging meets Health Canada, Customs Inspection and Canada Post standards. Pure Radiance products do not come in individual cosmetic boxes as we do our part to protect the environment. By limiting the amount of paper, labels, waste and unnecessary tree usage, disposal; this allows us to pass down discounts to our customers by decreasing the prices of our products. Customers are sent their invoices electronically.

ORDER TURNAROUND: Pure Radiance has an advanced order notification system which prints your invoice and packaging labels once payment has been confirmed. This system allows us to begin processing orders immediately. Once orders are prepared and packaged with care, prepared for customs/ immigration and tracking information is sent to Canada Post and PayPal.​ We strive to fully process orders from printing invoice to having your order shipped within 3 business days.

OPENING PACKAGES/ PRODUCTS: To open a package, carefully use scissors to cut along one side of the outer packaging to slide out the inner packaging and contents. Open the clear, plastic Canada Post packaging at the perforated tabs. Remove contents. Gently remove the product seals. Note: Our products do not require the use of scissors or other household items to open them. If you do so, you risk damaging the product and Pure Radiance will not replace products damaged from opening. Simply lift the edge of the shrink wrapping with your finger nail and gently pull at the perforated tabs. The perforated tab will open and remove easily.


Tracked packaging ensures accountability and our priority is to ensure the successful delivery of our packages to our customers. All orders come with tracking information. Once we turn over our packages over to Canada Post or FedEx for shipping, we turn over responsibility to them for successful delivery, therefore to track your package you may go to Canada Post at or and enter your tracking number from your PayPal invoice.

CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS: We are required to ship all packages for insurance/claims purposes to the address listed on the PayPal invoice. To ensure that we ship your package to t he correct address/location, please ensure that your PayPal shipping address is correct and ensure that your Pure Radiance Shop Account shipping information is always up to date as we always compare the two addresses. 

NON-CONFIRMED ADDRESS: If for whatever reason your shipping address is not confirmed and cannot be confirmed by PayPal, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care or upon arrival to Canada Post, Pure Radiance may request additional identifying information with your address on it.  If this occurs, we will contact you at the email address you provided through your order and discuss options. Confirming your address is important to protect against fraudulent activity, ensures product arrival, allow customers to make a claim if necessary and protects both parties involved in the transaction process.

SHIP TO DIFFERENT ADDRESS: If you are purchasing an item as a gift and require it to be shipped to a different address, please de-select that shipping and billing information is the same. Specify your billing address and your "ship to" address in your Pure Radiance Shop Account. Note that If the ship to address results in higher shipping charges (Europe vs. Canada/U.S.A), you will be contacted with a separate invoice for further payment. Once the invoice is paid in full, your package will be shipped accordingly. To protect our customers, with different ship-to and bill-to addresses, we may request a Credit Card Authorization Form be submitted to us, along with a copy of the Bill To persons Credit Card and Driver’s License for address confirmation. Although it is an additional step for our customer, it is our way of protecting our customers from the possibility of fraudulent/stolen card purchases and being shipped to a different address.​

WRONG ADDRESS: If a package was returned to Pure Radiance due to an error in the address that was entered by you at the time of ordering, a handling/ restocking fee of $15 CDN. plus any return shipping expenses will apply. You will be informed that your package was returned/re-stocked; the charges that were applied, and the credit amount remaining. The remaining credit amount (if any) will then be applied to your account and may be deducted from your next purchase. It is your responsibility to 1- correct your address information within your Shop Account, or 2-if you made payment as a "guest" without a Shop Account, to ensure that your next order has your correct address on it or 3- if you made your purchase through PayPal, to update your shipping address.

​​​​DUTY FEES: Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care does not charge duty and our customers do not pay duty on receiving packages. Packages that are sent via FedEx may be charged customs PST and ONT tax or brokerage fees. This is all dependant on the customs officer working on duty that particular day. If this occurs, any additional charges will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Note that we will not accept refused packages based on being charged for any brokerage fees or taxes at the discretion of customs officers.

CUSTOMS: Our products are within full customs regulations and we have never had orders seized. If however your country is under heightened security and doing random security seizures or checks, it is the customers responsibility to be aware of this prior to placing your order as we cannot issue a credit or refund of any kind for orders seized or destroyed by Customs unless the order is returned back to our warehouse and the package is in re salable/usable condition. In that event, we will refund the customer the cost of the item only; shipping costs will not be reimbursed. Please note that if the customs charges Pure Radiance for the return shipping cost and the cost of the return package to our warehouse exceeds the value of the order, we will instruct the courier to destroy the package and we will be unable to issue a refund of any kind to the customer. Packages returned to us due to non payment of customs/ brokerage or taxes, will not be refunded. Any and all additional fees (if any) are the sole responsibility of the customer. Our customers are rarely charged any additional fees upon delivery however if they are at the customs officers discretion, it is up to the customer to make these payments as per provincial and federal law.

1- Once you have used scissors to cut along one side of the outer packaging, to slide out the inner packing and contents
2- Inspect through the clear packaging to see if any of the items appear to be damaged. If an item appears damaged, save all of the packaging material and prior to opening the inner packaging, lay the package on a table and take several photos of it with different angles. This is to show us how the item arrived.
3- Open the clear Canada Post, Plastic Packaging at the perforated tabs and remove the contents. Take photos of the damaged item with different angles. This is to show how the item itself has been damaged.

4- Contact us within 3 days of delivery (per tracking delivery) to report the damaged item and include the photos.
5- We will submit your photos & start a claim with the information you provided us with to Canada Post. We will inform you on the next steps as per Canada Post.

Note: Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care has no control over Canada Post damage/ lost item claims process. We are told that the claims process is quite thorough and also rules out any fraudulent claims and can take anywhere between 10-15 business days. Canada Post does not accept or approve claims for packages that were damaged but items that are fully intact/ undamaged/ usable. Once we have received approval from Canada Post, we will gladly send a replacement package at no charge.

​ORDER CANCELLATION: Due to the personal nature of our products (cosmetic grade), all sales are final. If you are unsure of a product, some items are available in smaller sizes/amounts. We recommend reading description carefully, purchasing the correct sizes, reading our testimonials, reviews and/or emptying your shopping cart rather than making payment and/or trying to cancel your order to avoid disappointment/charges. As stated, all sales are final and if you chose to cancel your order after payment and agreeing to the terms of service; a credit will not be issued.

ALLERGIES- Although all of our items and ingredients are natural and organic in nature, Pure Radiance cannot be held accountable for ingredient allergies/reactions. Please carefully review our ingredients, application methods, any cautions prior to purchase.  Personal discretion is required for product use.  If you have an allergy to an ingredient it is recommended not to use the product. Use caution around the eye area with all products.

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care is Payment Card Industry Compliant meaning that all your credit card information is handled, stored and processed within strict protocols and guidelines that have been established by the PCI Security Standards Council. Our Web Sites use encryption technology, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) , to protect your personal information during data transport. SSL encrypts your personal information such as your name, address, and credit card number. Our Web Sites has received a Mcafee Secure Certificate which ensures that Site and Shop are protected and scanned daily to verify that they meet industry standards for online security and protection against viruses.

When you create an online account on our Web Sites, you need to select a personal password. To maximize your level of protection, you should choose at least 5 characters including a combination of both letters and numbers. You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your password and any account information.

WEBSITE  INFORMATION/ ERRORS:If you notice any broken links or information that requires correction, please contact us to let us know. We are all human and can make mistakes from time to time. Pure Radiance works very hard to display accurate information. If we notice an error online, it will be corrected as soon as possible. We thank you for your cooperation.

For additional information see: About Us Page,  Products Page,  Shop Page,Blog (Important News Announcements and Updates)

Privacy policy, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products, organic anti aging skin care, Anti Wrinkle cream, peptide serum

​TIP: If you do not have a PayPal account, we do recommend getting one as only a certain amount of transactions are permitted before they may require you to open an account. Until then you may shop as a guest.




Drop shipping ($5)- Hagersville locals are offered local drop shipping for a reasonable $5. This minimal fee is for item processing, packaging materials and travel.

Pure Radiance will contact first time order customers with a local address and make arrangements for delivery. Our main priority is to safety and securely deliver our customers packages and prevent them from theft, weather damage etc. Once an arrangement has been made, to use drop shipping on future orders, simply place a small notation under the special instructions section of your invoice during the check out process indicating the following: "drop ship-side door", “drop ship-front screen door” or whatever the arrangement that has been made, so that we know where we are able to safely deliver your package. Once your order is delivered you will receive a partial refund for the shipping that you were charged, less the drop shipping fee.

Drop shipping eligibility-To be eligible for drop shipping, customers must have either a mail box at their home address or a secure location where their package may be delivered. If you do not have a secure location where the package may be left, or have a community mail box installed by Canada post, we are unable to offer drop shipping. We have no access to Canada Post delivery boxes and leaving your package in an un-secure location places your order at risk of theft.

Andrea's Salon Hagersville- If you are a customer of Andrea's Salon (12 Alma St.S), you may purchase select items there. All purchases made at the salon are payable in cash. For those customers that wish to place an order or pay via visa, mastercard or PayPal methods; you have an upcoming appointment and you'd like to pick your order up then, please place your order 4-5 days in advance and indicate the date of your appointment under the special instructions section of your invoice during the check out process by indicating the following: "apt. March 5-deliver to Andrea's". If your order is not placed with enough advanced time for us to process it and prepare it for shipment and deliver it in time for your appointment, we will contact you to make other arrangements (either ship via Canada Post or you may pick up your order at Andrea's another time after it has been delivered).


All orders are placed at our Secured Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Shop at using the shopping cart.

1- Simply create or login to your Pure Radiance Shop Account (to participate in Loyalty Rewards Program-see About Us Page for rewards discounts & details)

2- Place items into your shopping cart

3- Check out and make payment. Pure Radiance ships orders to the address on the PayPal invoice.

Note: Due to the personal and cosmetic nature of our products, all sales are final. Customers purchasing products do so having read and understand the directions on the product label and on our website, so that you are able to apply the product correctly. If you are allergic or have a skin sensitivity to any of the ingredients listed, we recommend not purchasing or using the product. All products are suitable for sensitive skin however should be used at the customers own discretion and by using the instructions and information specific to the product. Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care will not be held responsible for any damages to property or for any adverse effects caused by insufficient knowledge or improper use.


Currency:Pure Radiance anti aging skin care product currency is Canadian and is automatically converted during the Payment process.

Payment methods:  We use a secured server and PayPal as our secure payment processor. We accept all major ​credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), bank transfers, debit and any other method offered through PayPal. If paying by e-check, orders are held until PayPal advises that your funds have been received.

**When paying using a credit card, please note that "billing" information address is the same address as to where you originally obtained the card. If you enter a different address other than the one where the card was obtained, your card will be rejected. PayPal has the right to reject any transaction if information was not able to be verified. This is another security feature and PayPal does this to protect you from someone else using your card and having items shipped to them under their address.

NO PAY PAL ACCOUNT?No problem! You can shop with your debit or credit card as a guest of PayPal. Note however that "Guest" shoppers (those without a Pure Radiance Shop Account) do not qualify for Loyalty Rewards Discounts. Follow the easy 2 step instructions (see images if you require further assistance). On first PayPal Screen, chose Pay with debit/credit card. PayPal will then take you to a second screen. Fill out your billing/shipping information and click continue at bottom of screen, confirm your order and information is correct and place your order.