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​​Calendula Extract is often used for sensitive, dry or damaged skin. It has high antioxidant properties that protect against cell damaging free radicals. It stimulates metabolism of skin cells therefore advancing skin regeneration. Its natural restorative properties protect the delicate eye area from skin thinning and premature aging. It is the ideal ingredient to decrease puffiness, prevent crow's feet and infuse the skin with a youthful glow. Our Time Freeze Eye Cream includes this wonderful botanical extract.

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​​​Apricot Oil is skin rejuvenating. Apricot oil hosts numerous antioxidants and vitamins beneficial for the skin. Vitamin A & C fight free radicals and encourages the regeneration of skin cells & collagen production to reduce lines and wrinkles. It easily penetrates the skin and is quickly absorbed, without leaving the skin feeling oily or greasy. It contains linoleic and oleic acid; has anti-inflammatory effects on skin disorders such as dermatitis & eczema; helps maintain skin clarity; suppleness, and elasticity. Moreover, it contains a compound called B17 that can fight cancer & boost immune systems.

Jojoba Oil is one of natures  closest oils that resembles natural skin oil. it cntains vitamins E and B complex. The Vitamin E content protects from free radicals and decelerates the signs of aging. It is high in Vitamin C. Jojoba also has the minerals silicon, chromium, copper & zinc. It is known to soothe and moisturize the skin; heal imperfections, treat acne and decrease wrinkles.

Retinol, Vitamin A Liposomes, Retinyl Palmitate, Retin-A (Vitamin A)are all Retinoids and commonly referred to as Retinol, Vitamin A however there are various types so when discussing Retinol be sure to clarify which specific Retinol you are using as the quality is different as well as the strength, price, what they do or how they can be obtained. There are 3 types of Vitamin A Retinol that we use in Retinol Treatment Cream for wrinkles. 1- Retinyl Palmitate- (Retinol, Vitamin A) ideal for those -40. Keeps skin firm, tight, maintains collagen level and prevents aging skin, is the mildest form of Retinol and is found in over-the-counter creams and drugstores. Very reasonably priced. 2- Vitamin A Liposomes- (Retinol, Vitamin A) ideal for those -40 who have or are forming deeper lines/wrinkles or have mature skin. Found in specialized skin care, not in over-the counter or drugstores. Can be very expensive depending on amt included. Offers very effective antioxidant and anti aging care for a smooth and youthful appearance. It is a high dose Vitamin A that delivers a high concentration of pure retinol (> 3,000,000 IU/g) to deeper skin layers and improves skin penetration. 1g contains about >3’000’000 IU pure retinol. 3- Retin-A (Retinol, Vitamin A, Tretinoin)- ideal for those +40 who have or are forming deeper lines/wrinkles, or have mature skin. Retin-A is medical grade and the most advanced form of Vitamin A and is prescribed by dermatologists/ plastic surgeons to help skin cell turnover causing new collagen production. If purchasing, can be expensive depending on amt. Found in specialized skin care, not in over-the counter or drugstores. Its main objective is to replace damaged skin cells with healthy cells; to treat existing symptoms of aging: lines, wrinkles, age spots, loss of collagen, skin sag, treat adult acne, pigmentation concerns, restore vibrancy to complexion, reduce oiliness, build collagen fibers within the dermis and restore elasticity. It is ideal for skin restoration, rejuvenation and restructuring. Skin brightening is an evident result of regular use. It does not bleach the skin, but repairs sun damage and helps skin return to its original youthful color, resulting in glowing skin. See our Retinol Treatment Cream.

​​​Organic Pure Aloe Vera: Our Aloe Vera Gel and Juice is 100% Pure and is NOT from a concentrate or from a freeze dried powder (some companies use this and mix it with distilled water to make Aloe Vera Gel or Juice). Ours is 100% Pure and Cold Pressed, Certified Organic, Kosher, Vegan, BPA-Free, Non-Toxic, has NO Additives, No Preservatives, NO Aloin, NO Gluten, NO citric acid, NO sodium benzoate, NO potassium sorbate, NO Casein and is GMO-Free. There is a distinct difference between the two (not only in the process of obtaining the product but in the final result and quality of the product). Benefits: moisturizing, a natural antibacterial agent, rich in antioxidants, contains Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and C; 18 different types of Amino Acids, brightens the skin, improves skin elasticity, has healing properties, soothes irritated skin, provides relief from sunburns and pain relief from insect bites, rashes, burns or other skin ailments, is a natural anti-inflammatory and has effective anti aging properties that decrease fine lines and wrinkles including puffy under eyes.

Grapeseed Oil is 50 times greater than vitamin E and 20 times greater than vitamin C. It protects from free radicals and decelerates the signs of aging. It is an especially good essential oil that may be used as a serum for those with sensitive skin. It is high in antioxidants and omega 6. It builds collagen, decreases wrinkles, tightens skin and protects from sun and is especially good for use on lines around and under the eye area. It acts as an astringent (removes excess oils from skin cells), while preserving natural skin moisture. It does not cause photo sensitization in sunlight. It is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating. Grape seed oil is high in regenerative and restructuring qualities to combat the effects of aging. See our Grape Seed Oil Essential Serum.

Grape Seed Extract (Vitis Vinifera)Derived from the small seeds (and occasionally the skins) of red grapes. It is rich in flavonoids & phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties that are greater than vitamin C and Vitamin E. A powerful antioxidant that protects skin against free radical damage, moisturizes skin, decreases lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, improves skin elasticity, improves skin tone, has astringent properties, healing properties and skin restorative effects.

Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis) Antioxidant that protects skin against free radical damage, minimizes the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines, improves elasticity and improves skin tone.

Vitamin C Serum, Hyaluronic Acid, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care, organic anti aging skin care products
Peptide Serum, Hyaluronic Acid, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care, organic anti aging skin care products

​​​​Shea butter is full of vitamin A and is deeply moisturizing. Shea is derived from nuts that grow on trees in West and Central Africa, and it is known for being so nourishing to the skin that even in Africa's dry climate it works to soothe thirsty skin. The American Shea Institutes notes that shea butter possesses the ability to improve pesky skin blemishes, eczema, wrinkles and dermatitis.

Zinc Oxide/ Z-Cote (UVB/UVA Protector) Top grade, photo-stable, absorber of the full UV spectrum of sun rays (short UVB to long UVA). It's broad spectrum UV protection from short wavelength for UVB is (290-320nm); to the longest type I UVA (340-380nm). Spread & absorption ability is excellent and has a soothing effect (also widely used in creams for skin irritations i.e rosacea, eczema, acne etc.). 

Vegetable Glycerine (Glycerin) A natural compound that comes from vegetable oil, usually palm or coconut. Besides its incredible moisturizing and healing properties, glycerin has many anti aging benefits. It attracts moisture towards the skin and facilitates the skin’s ability to absorb other active ingredients, smooths lines and wrinkles, keeps skin soft, facilitates the regeneration of new skin, maintains skins elasticity and evens out skin tone. Its pH level closely matches that of the skin, which makes it gentle enough to be used by those with sensitive skin eczema or psoriasis.

Neroli and Rose Floral Distillates (Hydrosols)  As we do not use Water, Alcohol or unnecessary fillers in our products, we use Floral Distillates (commonly called Floral Hydrosol). They contain the water soluble components of the plant and therefore have much more gentle but similar properties to essential oil.  Hydrosols have a pH range that makes them ideal for skin care and help to restore and heal the skin; offer anti-inflammatory activity, and have powerful anti aging properties and benefits. They not only add moisture properties to our skin care products, but treat and heal various skin concerns such as broken capillaries, sun spots, wrinkles etc, as well as skin conditions such as Rosacea and Eczema. See our Shop for our incredible antioxidant toners and detailed benefits of Neroli and Rose Damascena.

Witch Hazel (Alcohol free) is an extract from the leaves, flowers and bark of the hamamelis tree. One of nature's best astringents, there is probably no better tonic or toner for skin care preparations. It is frequently used in skincare and is particularly beneficial for oily and problematic skin through its more gentle properties.​

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​​Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the body, which is known for keeping the skin smooth and plump through the ability to retain and hold moisture in the connective tissues. Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. To date, Hyaluronic Acid remains the skin care industries most powerful anti aging and anti wrinkle moisturizing active ingredient used to treat and prevent the effects of aging. In fact, Hyaluronic acid has been named by many companies and scientists as the "fountain of youth". When HA is applied back to the skin, it penetrates the dermis & promotes micro circulation and nutrient absorption. It forms an air permeable layer, to keep the skin moist and smooth. The result is rapid skin rejuvenation, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Collagen health is improved with increased elasticity, resulting in firmer skin. Pure Radiance adds peptides and actives to HA making the formula increasingly powerful- rapidly enhancing skin rejuvenation & cell turnover. See our Skin Shop Miracle Multiple Peptide Serum, 20% Vitamin C Serum and Hydrating Hyaluronic Mango Night Cream.

​Mango Seed Butter and Oilnourishes skin with lots of emollient (moisture) properties- vitamins A, C and E, which work to combat free radicals. Its natural properties are good for softening the skin and treating wrinkles. Mango has the ability to protect skin from sunburn as well as soothe sunburned skin. It is often used to smooth and moisturize rough dry skin. It is rich in antioxidants and is reputed for decreasing skin cell degeneration (protecting collagen), the regeneration of skin cells (new collagen growth), smoothing wrinkles, treating stretch marks, scar reduction and wound healing. Used in our Hydrating Hyaluronic Mango Night Cream


Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care is not like large national skin care companies. We have chosen to remain a small family owned and operated organic skin care business so that we can make our anti aging skin care products in small, fresh batches, in Ontario Canada and then ship them directly to our customers. We are pleased to beat out national brands and offer lower pricing, larger sizes, higher concentration of peptides and discounts.

Our anti aging skin care products are infused with natures most powerful blend of quality plant-derived organics including: botanical extracts, skin vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils, moisturizers, floral distillates and clinically proven peptides and anti wrinkle actives. Our products contain No water, alcohol, unnecessary fillers or synthetic ingredients. We defeat the worry of applying harmful ingredients to the skin.

As you may know, when we analyze the majority of the anti aging and anti wrinkle creams on the market today, you will see that water is generally their first ingredient; leaving the remaining ingredients as fillers, silicone, fragrance and synthetic preservatives. The trouble is that the ingredients are not good for our skin and they are absorbed into our skins bloodstream. In addition to this, the prices do not make any sense and the products themselves do not provide long term anti aging results and what our skin really needs, which are quality anti aging ingredients that are good for our skin, that target anti aging, anti wrinkle and skin rejuvenation- products that our skin deserve.

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care carefully selects each ingredient to provide the highest quality of anti aging skin care products. We replace the use of water with organic floral distillates and Aloe Vera Juice. We encourage you to further your knowledge of the benefits of our natural organics and have listed some of our ingredients below. Note that we use "cold pressed" organic oils rather than "refined" because the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants remain intact making the ingredients more potent. For our anti aging skin care product ingredients, see individual product listings at our Pure Radiance Anti Aging Skin Shop and to make your purchase.

​​​​Vitamin C: There are many different forms of Vitamin C affecting not only their cost, but their stability and effectiveness on the skin. Some are absorbed more readily by the skin, some are more stable and retain their potency longer, some are proven to rebuild collagen and fight free radicals more effectively than others. Some Vitamin C Serums oxidize quickly and lose their effectiveness/ potency the moment the serum is opened and exposed to light and air.

There are 2 variations of Vitamin C that Pure Radiance includes in our products:

peptide night cream, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care, organic anti aging skin care products, wrinkle cream

1- Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. A fully oxygen and light stable Vitamin C that forms an ester with the 3-hydroxy groups of ascorbic acids with excellent skin brightening activity. It is well researched and clinically proven to be more effective, faster-acting and shows a long-term inhibitory effect (slows the aging process). It has additional effects, not observed in pure ascorbic acid, such as promoting nerve cell growth and reducing chemotherapy damage, and proves more potent in reducing skin darkening after UV exposure (and)

2- Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. A clinically proven, fast acting, fully oxygen and light stable Vitamin C that is a potent antioxidant, protects skin from oxidative and environmental damages that improves the appearance of aged and fragile skin; the production of collagen; prevention of wrinkles, and the elimination of the blotchiness that gives the skin an aged appearance. Excellent skin-lightening ability and corrects hyper-pigmentation. See our 20% Vitamin C Serum.


Vitamin E:  A natural preservative that contains powerful antioxidants that are necessary to fight the free radicals that cause damage on the cellular level. Regular application of vitamin E to the face can help counteract signs of aging by smoothing out existing fine lines and wrinkles, keeping skin tight and firm, as well as preventing new lines and wrinkles from forming in the future. It treats several skin conditions, such as skin redness, dry skin, freckles, age spots, skin tags and the breakdown of elasticity. It has an abundance of different antioxidants which not only heal or aid the skin but acts as a natural stabilizer and treats and prevents UV damage. It is a very effective skin care moisturizer. Used in our various wrinkle creams & serums. Also see Grapeseed Oil & Extract which contains higher contents of Vitamin E.

Sweet Almond Oil is a non-greasy oil with fine texture and softening properties; does not clog pores. It is rich in fatty acids, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. The Vitamin E content, protects from free radicals and decelerates the signs of aging. Almond oil decreases dark circles, puffiness, broken blood cells and redness. It decreases wrinkles, and tightens the skin. Used in our Essential Serum and various creams.