With how well my own skin has changed wrinkle and skin tone wise, I just have to get some for my family for birthdays and the holidays. I no longer need makeup thanks to my new improved skin tone, and I love that! Thank you"

Jacinta Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA

The Pure Radiance Miracle Multi Peptide Serum has given me back my confidence. I no longer feel embarrassed by the deep wrinkles in my face and neck as the transformation is just so incredible. For years I have been searching and trying different products. I also now adding the Retinol Treatment. Aging is no fun, so I'm glad there are companies like yours that don't mess around. You are getting the job done! Thank you so much, I now feel "radiant" myself

Stephanie- Burlington, Ontario Canada

I’m the editor of a Glamor Magazine and I love Pure Radiance's Miracle Multi Peptide Serum. It has superb glide ability, smells lovely, absorbs quickly and is truly a wonderful product. I review anti aging skin care products and other skin care products such as organic, natural, mineral... all day everyday and this is organic, natural, pure, luxurious, anti aging, moisturizing and powerful skin care.

Marry- Buffalo, New York USA

I just received my second order of Ultra Lift Day Cream. I love this anti aging skin cream. It makes my skin smooth and without lines and wrinkles. The smell is wonderful too. Thank you for the fast shipping to China! I will buy again. Many thanks.

Liqiu- Jinan,Shandong China

I purchased the Lift and Repair Eye Gel along with the Miracle Serum and was not really expecting there to be much difference but I am amazed. The anti aging properties are good!

Cindy- Toronto, Ontario Canada

It's interesting because I used to buy a serum with Argireline and Matrixyl, but their concentrations were 10% each and the cost of a 1 oz serum was $85.00 plus shipping and handling. I'm amazed at the much more reasonable price of the Miracle Multi Peptide Serum. It not only includes both the Argireline and Matrixyl but 2 other amazing peptides as well as the added Hyaluronic acid. They are truly wonderful creams and serums. They are excellent anti aging moisturizers, my skin is smooth, and my wrinkles are starting to go away! Thank you

Betty- North York, Ontario Canada

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​ I am photographer and adore what I do, but trying to look my best around a lot of beautiful women can be hard and due to a medical illness, I was looking older than I am. I have been using the Miracle Multi Peptide Serum as my skin care routine and my lines and wrinkles are nearly gone from my mouth as are the ones between my eyes. My eyes don't look like they were, hooded and collapsing in on themselves any more. I will keep using it as part of my skin care routine as long as I can and will tell everyone about it. Barbara- Bradford West Yorkshire, England

​I'm only 39 but have always had deep expression lines on my forehead. I have been using the Time Freeze Eye Cream on that area simply because I love the Snap8 and Pehpa Tight ingredients together it's been 4 weeks now as part of my skin care routine, and the results are outstanding! The serum smells great too and it's not tacky. One or two drops can do the full face and neck! Those wrinkles are going to fade fully, I'm sure of it! Thank you Kate for excellent customer service. These products are a skin care routine must have!

Dianna- Santa Cruz, California USA


While we are proud of the quality of our organic anti aging skin care products, we are even prouder that our customers agree. Read Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care reviews and testimonials below. We welcome you to submit your review or testimonial today! To email us  your photo, please use our Contact Us  Page. See additional Pure Radiance reviews and testimonials at our Pure Radiance Skin Care Shop underneath each individual anti aging skin care product.

We thank you for your purchase and appreciate your word of mouth referral. Your satisfaction is goal. We welcome additional photos. Submit your review today. Our anti aging and anti wrinkle products may be purchased at our Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Shop or by clicking Shop above.

testimonials, reviews, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products, organic anti aging skin care
results testimonials, reviews, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products, organic anti aging skin care
testimonials, reviews, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products, organic anti aging skin care

Hi Kate- Thanks for you informative email. I really appreciate that you take the time for your customers ( so refreshing). It is exciting your getting some new products and a day cream with SPF.

Linda, Washington United States

Well, I just tried the sample of the foundation and the blush. I am SOLD!  And I can't wait to tell my friends who are using MAC and Bare Minerals.  I used MAC and I looked embalmed, and the bare minerals were leaving a powder residue on my face that I didn't like... yours blended in so well that I couldn't see it.  AND the eye shadow was absolutely the best that I have ever tried!!!!!

Jeannette Stoney Point ON Canada

All it took was 2 weeks to see my lines start to disappear. I love the Night Cream, it's the best skin care product I've tried and really works!

Sophia- Rishon Le Zion Israel

testimonials, reviews, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products, organic anti aging skin care
testimonials, reviews, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products, organic anti aging skin care

My skin tone and complexion have improved greatly- no more red blotches! Pure Radiance has great anti aging skin care products and is their customer service was stellar! Thank you for helping me improve my confidence! Susan- Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I provided feedback when I started using the Pure Radiance Line and at that point my skin felt softer than it ever has and my skin was developing a natural glow. Now? It's 3 months later using it regularly as my skin care routine, and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. I am receiving so many compliments as well! My skin is firmer, my wrinkles are disappearing, my pores are diminished, I have no more under eye bags and my age spots have improved dramatically! If this is just after 3 months, I can't wait to write another review at the 6 month mark! I must take a photo now and show you the difference! Thank you so much for everything!

Muriel- Echo Bay, Gilford Island British Columbia

These anti aging akin care products really work! I'm hooked and love it! I've saved sooo much money switching to Pure Radiance, and the bonus is that they really work in my skin care routine. They are easy to apply and last all day and night. I'll have to buy my wife some so she can start using it too.

Chazz- Montreal, Quebec Canada

I'm so excited about how I look. I love to slather my face with creams and most likely use too much, but I am noticing a big difference! I then noticed my cream was going faster so I thought it'd be my daughter that was helping herself to my cream but it ends up it was my husband! He said he was noticing my results and wanted his own too. Sooo funny...Next order, we'll order two of our usual cream and serums.

Millie- Fairfield Wayne, Illinois USA

Good morning, Thank you very much for all your answers.... I just LOVE your products...I can assure that I will be customer for life. It is so refreshing and nice to find a simple yet powerful skin care regime that is actually affordable. Please tell the owner that she has the most wonderful customer service representatives that I had the pleasure of dealing with...Thank you

 Lucie Toronto ON Canada

OMG These natural skin creams are amazing! I use them faithfully/daily and for the first time I can say - OMG! I have been saying that allot lately! I have my eyelids back!!! I used to feel like I had to hold them up with my fingers, but now? They are tightened and firmed and at my age that's amazing in itself! My 40 year old daughter thought I had an eye lift operation!! I was skeptical when I ordered but the quality of your natural products and the visible results are amazing. And I can't wait because I read more products are coming!!! I will be ordering more, but now have one problem...do I tell my friends so they can look great too, or do I keep my secret???? Laughs... Many, many thanks, Trisha- Bradford West Yorkshire, England 

I have been using the Reverse and Repair Night Cream for about 3 months now. I have received several compliments on my skin but today was the best yet...I was told by a co-worker (that sees me everyday) that I look 5 years younger! Sometimes when someone sees you everyday they don't notice changes, but I guess my changes are really noticeable. I know I've definitely noticed! Thank you Pure Radiance I love my skin routine now because I look forward to the way my face feels after I put it on. And your anti aging products are a wowzer! It worked for me! Your very loyal customer.

Shawna- Las Vegas, California USA

I’m being constantly filmed these days. I use the three (Miracle Serum, Day and Night creams) as my secret weapon. My skin used to get so dry and my wrinkles looked worse. I fly all over the world and the Serum is always with me and helps me look my best.

Julia- Los Angeles, USA

You can clearly see in my pictures the noticeable improvements of my lines and wrinkles. My face looks allot tighter and healthier. A friend of mine recommended Pure Radiance to try, and my skin just looks so much better. Thank you!

Emma, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

I really like your loyalty rewards program. With each order I get anywhere between 5--20% off! So far they have been all 15% and my last was 10%. Your prices are already much lower than other companies so it’s an added bonus. Your creams are really great and I wanted to say thanks and I’ll be a regular buyer of your skin care line. I hear cleansers are coming soon??

Maggie- Spring Creek, Nevada USA

Hi. My name is Carrol. I’m a 66 year old woman. Our long winters and my lifetime of work really took a toll on my skin. I tried the fanciest wrinkle creams in our local stores, but they did nothing except empty my pocket book. Finally, i took the time to look online and was lucky enough to find Pure Radiance. I decided to go with your Ultra Lift Day Cream. Well after a month of using it, the results were wicked good already. I applied the cream in the morning and also at night. I didn't really worry about measuring the amount i put on..I just used a bit and even used it around my eyes. Let me tell you, it is great! My husband said I was silly to order online but Dwayne isn’t laughing now, and in fact, i caught him rubbing the face cream on his neck! I just wanted to share this story with your company because I love the anti aging skin care products and will be ordering more! Carrol- Cheektowaga, New York USA

banner, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care products, organic anti aging, Wrinkle cream, peptide serum, eye cream, night cream, day cream, retinol


I have just emailed you my photo to show the difference in my skin. I have also added a testimonial on the shop page under Miracle Serum and Time Freeze Eye Cream. I have tried many expensive products over the years and when researching Organic Skin Care, your line was by far the most reasonably priced. I received a refund for shipping overestimate and also received Loyalty Rewards Discounts so that made my shipping free! Results began showing around the 4th week for me but I was even expecting up to 3 months because my wrinkles are deep. They took years to get there so I am realistic about there being no such thing as overnight results, but I feel blessed seeing results at the 4 week mark. Thank you so much! I am going to be a customer for life! I will send another photo at the 3 month mark. Feel free to post it on your site if you wish.

Marjorie Tampa Florida

Hi, I love your skin care products and I've tried them all!. They call me a cream junkie because if a new product comes out I have to try it, but since I've started using all of yours, I've truly and honestly not tried anything else since! Your prices are well below what other anti aging companies are charging and the bonus is they are healthier for my skin. They've really made my skin look younger since making them part of my skin care routine and I'm getting results rather than what I was experiencing before. I'd purchase from a company, use the cream, and never buy it again because nothing was happening, or I would just break out in adult acne from the creams. I have no break outs with yours and have seen great results in only 4 weeks! My fine lines and wrinkles and disappearing! These are the best skin care products with honest pricing and I've made them part of my regular skin care routine.

Dianna, Thorold, Ontario Canada

 It's really amazing that you offer truly natural products with multiple peptides. There are so many goodies within them and they offer so many benefits. I did allot of research after reading your site and now I’m even more excited in buying them. I don't need to be rich to either! I will write a review on my results after about 2 months of using once my order arrives. Thanks.

Susan- Chilton, Wisconsin USA

I received 2 of your anti aging skin care products as a gift from my son on Mothers Day which came nicely packaged and with a small gift. I'm glad that he introduced me to your products because I'm happy to say that I'm already seeing results! My skin tone is changing (getting brighter) and the signs of aging and decreased.... I asked my son how he found out about Pure Radiance and he told me that he is also a customer himself! Rose- Hamilton, Ontario Canada

I am in my older years and ordered your serum (Miracle Serum). I have dry skin and thought the serum wouldn’t work because after application it absorbed really well into my skin and usually I’m used to “feeling” something on my skin. I used it as a day cream and applied my makeup over top which worked great. 2 and a half months later my skin is looking amazing! It’s really smoothing out my lines and wrinkles and I feel ever moisturized! My next order, I’ll order the serum again and also add the Night Cream and will write another review. Thanks for the best skin care products.

Sylvia- Milton, King County, Washington USA

I have worn The Miracle Multi Peptide Serum and the Ultra Lift Day Cream every day for almost 6 months now as part of my skin care routine. I literally never leave home with out it. Now I am using the Night Cream on top of the other two products as well and my skin is just wonderful. My fine lines are gone, and my deep lines and wrinkles are starting to fade. My complexion is natural and rosy like now and I need less makeup to cover some sun spots I had. I recommend it to everyone. Renalda- Deira, Dubai United Arab

My wrinkles have noticeably decreased from the use of your skin care products, and I have to say that I love your body lotions and lip balms. I'm looking forward to the tinted lip glosses that you are adding soon.

Shannon- West Ealing. London

I think it's a nice touch that my orders come with a candy, a small gift or sample, and they are always packaged extremely well. Thank you for those little extras!

Ashley- Alberta, British Columbia Canada

I am 39 celebrating the same birthday for the past 5 years because I can't give into the 40's yet...lol. 5 years ago, I had a smooth forehead. now, I look in the mirror and there are huge lines no matter what the expression on my face. Well, I am pleased to report that the serum has been helping allot! It's only been about 6 weeks into my skin care routine, and my wrinkle and deep lines are being smoothed out! I am going to continue using the miracle serum and creams and give another update in another 6 weeks. I can't wait to see my crows feet go away! That's not a long time to see such a good improvement already! Thank you for helping.

Anna- Victoria, British Columbia Canada

I just love Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Line. I use the Miracle Multi Peptide Serum, Time Freeze Eye Cream and the Ultra Lift Day Cream. My face has never felt softer & my skin tone has a healthy glow! My lines and wrinkles are disappearing one by one! Thanks for the fast shipping too! I'll be a regular customer and give more feedback in another few months!

Halina- Ft.Myers Beach, Florida USA